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SagePath Financial Planning, LLC is a member of the Garrett Planning Network, an international network of hourly, fee-only financial planners. Garrett members believe that professional, objective and easy-to-access financial advice is something everyone needs, at least periodically, to help them obtain essential financial guidance and build the brightest financial future. No matter where you fall on the spectrum of financial know-how, an objective opinion is invaluable in our busy, information-filled world. It doesn’t matter if that advice involves answering one question or helping to develop and manage a lifelong financial plan.

A key advantage is that SagePath does not have relationships or affiliations with any banks, brokerages, or insurance companies so that clients can be assured that our advice is free from the conflict that compensation from such arrangements often brings. SagePath does not have any "one size fits all" financial plans, as every client's financial goals and needs are different. Every financial plan is tailored specifically to each client's specific situation.