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We can structure your planning engagement in the way that best suits your needs. Although every client has unique needs and we can customize to fit the situation, most people find that one of these 4 formats will fit their needs:

Targeted Financial Plan: This format focuses on one or more topics, and provides detailed review, analysis and recommendations for each topic. Depending on the topics addressed and the level of complexity, we may have one or two meetings during the planning process.

Comprehensive Financial Plan: The comprehensive plan involves a thorough financial review of investments and risk tolerance, retirement planning, insurance needs, budgeting and debt management, education planning, tax planning and estate planning. We typically schedule at least two meetings during the full service planning process and clients typically have their plans reviewed annually.

Periodic Review: For returning clients, financial reviews are a “check-up” for your financial plan. Most returning clients have their financial plans reviewed annually. We update your reports, evaluate progress toward your financial goals, review your investments and asset allocation, and discuss any new financial topics or concerns.

Collaborative Planning Session: The collaborative planning session is a good solution for individuals who are looking for general direction and guidance in their financial decisions. We discuss your questions and topics of interest in a collaborative meeting (generally 1-3 hours long) that is largely directed by the client. This can be a great way to begin working with a financial planner at a lower-cost commitment. During our meeting, we will work together to create an “Action Plan” for you to follow up on the most important action items from our meeting. This approach works well for people who need basic help with budgeting and saving for financial goals, general investment advice, young families just starting out, college planning basics, second opinions, and general reviews of your basic financial infrastructure. You always have the option of requesting further services for specific topics following a Collaborative Planning Session.